Home Sellers February 9, 2021

Want to Sell Your Home? Here Are 5 Things to Consider

Selling your home is a big decision and it involves a lot of moving parts. Luckily, we have compiled a list of things to consider, whether you want to sell in three months or three years.

1. Timeline

Create a desired timeline involving the selling of your current home and the purchasing of your next home. While properties can’t always close in record time or produce the exact results you’re hoping for, it helps to at least begin with a general idea with extra time built in for adjustments to be made (when possible). Whether you’re ready for more space or to downsize, you’ll save time and manage expectations if you’re able to plan out what you think needs to be done in advance. Check out this helpful guide to selling your home.

2. Renovation and Curb Appeal 

What’s that old saying that our parents told us? Always leave the place better than you found it. Selling a house is no exception. Get ahead of the game by considering areas of your home that could use renovations, upgrades, or a deep clean. These changes can increase your home’s value, allowing you to sell your home for top dollar. Don’t forget the exterior either! The outside of your house will be a home buyer’s first impression, so you want to do whatever you can to increase its curb appeal

3. Costs

Yes, even selling your house comes with fees. Start putting together an estimate of how much it will potentially cost so that you’re prepared and know what to expect. For more information, here are 10 costs associated with selling your home.

4. Your Advocate

Selling your home can often feel overwhelming, which is why you want an attentive agent who understands your needs and will act as your advocate, local expert, and guide. This person will be working closely with you, so finding the right fit will make the process much easier. Treat this almost like an interview. Ask them about their sales history, how up to date they are on the local real estate market, and if they have a list of preferred local vendors. Another key aspect to consider: their communication style. You want to sell your home with someone who fits with your personality and is responsive, dependable, and helpful.

5. Staging

Taking the time to strategically showcase each area of your home will help buyers imagine themselves living there. And, staged homes sell 87% faster and for 17% more on average than non-staged homes. Additionally, the Windermere Ready program is a great option to consider. You’ll have the knowledge and guidance of one of our local agents, and the option of up to $50,000 in assistance for expenses incurred in preparing to list your home.

Looking for more information or want to discuss your specific needs? Contact one of our agents. They’re happy to assist and can provide a free market analysis so you can see what your home is worth.