Home Buyers April 28, 2022

Home Buying Tips with Insights From Agents

In Kitsap County, during the first quarter of this year, we had 944 closed sales, with an average sale price of $606K. With the state of the current real estate market, buying a home can be a challenge in Kitsap County. But these tips and insights from some of our Windermere Silverdale agents will help you achieve success.

First-Time Homebuyers: Prepare in Advance

If you are a first-time homebuyer, the process can seem extra intimidating. But if you prepare in advance by finding a great agent and communicating your wants and needs, you’ll be in good hands. Also, it’s crucial to get pre-approved before starting your search.

If you’re new to our area, get to know the local neighborhoods across Kitsap County beforehand. It will really help you find the right home in the community that best suits you. Check out our free Guide to Kitsap to learn more. Be prepared to do lots of house hunting and to act quickly yet strategically. As Realtor/Broker Joe Stevick says, “making quick, effective offers is essential”. You can learn more in Joe’s video below.


Buying New Construction: Time is on Your Side

If you’ve got the time to wait for a build, there are many perks to a new-construction home. However, be prepared for lots of paperwork and multi-step processes. One big perk of a new build, according to Realtor, CSP, Steve Derrig, is not starting out with repairs and updates. “Having a brand new house, you do not have big-ticket home maintenance items coming up in your near future.” 

Each part of Kitsap is unique, and while it may take longer to get high-speed internet in some more rural areas, coworking spaces are abundant. Take your time finding the right place to build your dream home. And, choose your builder wisely. As Steve says, it’s crucial to look at homes they’ve built. Tour neighborhoods where they have homes that they built years ago. How do they look now? Do your research to form the right crew. Watch Steve’s video to learn more.

Competitive Offer Situations: Have A Plan

First and foremost, when you are ready to buy a home, interview potential agents and lenders to make sure they are a good fit for you. Also, they should know the local real estate market. In this competitive market, it’s vital to have someone who can help you navigate competitive offers. This includes having a plan for escalation clauses, and the possibility of waiving contingencies. “Your agent should contact the seller’s agent and find out their ideal offer,” explains Broker/Realtor Summer Davy. For more insights, watch Summer’s video below.