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2024 Color Trends & Interior Design Inspiration

A new year means new color trends, and interior design inspiration to brighten your home. Check out these helpful home decor takeaways from interior designers and color experts.

Color of the Year: PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz

The results are in. PANTONE selected 13-1023 Peach Fuzz as the 2024 Color of the Year. This subtle, soft color is meant to embody the idea of embracing yourself. The PANTONE Color of the Year is an educational program that began in 1999. It was developed to celebrate the design community. In addition, the organization wanted to draw attention to the relationship between culture and color. On its 25th anniversary, the program coordinated with many stakeholders to make its final selection.

Warm Neutrals

In much the same vein, many color experts have predicted a return of warm whites to homeowners’ color palates. Lighting can have a huge impact on a space. And, there has been a noticeable shift toward LED lighting in homes. The warmer neutral paint tones help soften the bright lights in a space. Also, many interior design experts noted the return of browns. Whether it’s brown furniture, cabinetry or wall colors, this neutral shade is making a name for itself in 2024.

Bold, Dark Colors

Dark colors that really grab your attention can pair nicely with a lighter, neutral color. Professionals in the interior design world are drawing attention to bold, dark colors for 2024. First, the popular paint brand, Behr, chose Cracked Pepper as their color of the year. Then, another mainstream paint brand, Benjamin Moore, chose Blue Nova 825, as the “it” hue. These rich colors can draw attention to special design features in your home. From dark cabinetry or a vibrant choice for an accent wall, they are here to make a statement in any room.


2024 is all about texture and textiles that bring tactile experiences into your living space. Boucle furnishing accent pieces or fluted cupboards embraces a homeowner’s desire to make a space cozier. In addition, patterns have returned. Geometric wallpaper or terra cotta tiled flooring is adding to the feeling of comfort in many interior spaces this year.

Environmentally Sustainable (and Durable) Pieces

When making design choices, many people are focusing on a greater awareness of how and where products are made. Interior design decisions that consider environmental impact are gaining greater traction. Furthermore, handmade pieces and those that are made sustainably are adding a unique touch to interior spaces. For example, this furniture is made from recycled cardboard by Max Lamb. Consumers are more willing to invest in products and pieces that can withstand multiple uses and have different functions.

Projects That Add Home Value

When considering how to upgrade a space, first and foremost in many homeowners’ minds, is a return on investment. Check out these design decisions that will have a positive affect on your bottom line. For instance, a new garage door that incorporates this year’s warm white trend will have a return on investment of about 97%. Additionally, siding replacement can recoup 98.3%. A new front door in a dark, bold color could recoup 88.7% of the cost.

Turning a space into something on-trend, (while still warm and cozy) will be fun for any DIY expert or interior designer. The mix of many bold and classic elements of home design can merge into something truly unique. From warm, classic colors to striking pieces with texture, sustainability and durability, there are many wonderful ways to enhance your home.