Community February 1, 2024

Supporting the Vulnerable Youth in Kitsap and Beyond

In 2023, with the help of our agents and some donations from our community, our office supported two wonderful organizations, The Coffee Oasis and Olive Crest. Both of these nonprofits focus on supporting our local youth, and we are proud partners. To highlight the amazing people who help make these organizations so impactful, we interviewed our points of contact. We hope you are inspired by the way these organizations serve our community.

Addressing Needs

The mission of The Coffee Oasis is “to restore community through compassionate youth programs and coffee businesses.”  Our contact, Kari Wax, shared a study done in 2021 called “The Loneliness Experiment”. They found that 40% of 16 to 24-year-olds reported feeling lonely often or very often. When youth feel supported, their confidence is strengthened, and they feel less lonely. Providing a space where teens and young adults can come together and get the resources and support they need is a key part of the important work The Coffee Oasis does. An interesting fact is that the founders didn’t know anything about coffee when they bought the original building in Bremerton in 1997. Their main vision was to reach out to the youth of Bremerton. They learned so much, and The Coffee Oasis has grown so much as well. We now have five cafes in Kitsap and Pierce counties.

Another vital nonprofit organization is Olive Crest. A foster care agency in Kitsap County, Olive Crest supports around 41 licensed families. Additionally, their Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program extends resources to over 125 vulnerable youths who have transitioned out of foster care or are involved in the court system. Their mission is clear: prevent child abuse by strengthening, equipping, and restoring children and families in crisis – one life at a time.

Windermere Silverdale’s Support

Last year, our office held a drive for school supplies for the Olive Crest foster families,  and we filled 36 Thanksgiving baskets with essentials for the Olive Crest Independent Living Skills Program. Our contact, Mia Steben, shared, “Partnerships like Windermere’s have a transformative impact on our work, providing crucial support. Our families and youth not only feel supported but also valued, empowering them on their journeys. We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with Windermere.”

Our school supply drive also supported The Coffee Oasis. Kari shared, “Windermere provided vital resources and support for the youth in our center throughout the year. The agents and clients provided school supplies and donations that have greatly impacted this community. I am grateful for this consistent and generous support.”

How You Can Support These Great Nonprofits

Volunteering is a great way to help both The Coffee Oasis and Olive Crest. If you are looking for other ways to contribute, the best way to support The Coffee Oasis is to visit the cafes where 100% of the profits support and serve local youth. There are multiple cafe locations throughout Kitsap, including one inside the new Silverdale Library. Another easy way to get involved is to donate to supply drives, like the ones our office has hosted. Or, you can attend or sponsor a fundraising event via the Kitsap Great Give in April.

More About Kari Wax & Mia Steben


Kari Wax (center)

For over a year, Kari Wax has been working as The Coffee Oasis Poulsbo Youth Program Manager. We asked how she got involved. “I first got involved in 2020 when I helped a youth get connected to The Coffee Oasis for housing and resources. The youth needed a place to stay to finish the school year. I reached out to The Coffee Oasis, and they were able to secure them a place to live and case management services. I was so grateful for their help, and I was inspired to find a way to do more with the organization. The thing that is most inspiring to me about the mission of The Coffee Oasis is connecting youths to their community. I get the privilege of supporting the youth in North Kitsap to be connected to others, to caring adults, to agencies that can provide resources, to local churches and community groups. Or, to help them find a job or apply for college. When I get to see them in my community grow and thrive, I feel inspired to continue this humbling work. It is an honor to work for The Coffee Oasis and to partner with Windermere to help change lives in North Kitsap.”


Mia Steben works as Olive Crest’s Community Involvement Coordinator. “When I came across the job posting, I felt an immediate calling to engage,” Mia explained. “Olive Crest’s clear focus and impactful initiatives struck a chord with me, sparking an authentic enthusiasm to actively contribute to their mission. I find inspiration in Olive Crest’s steadfast dedication to our community.” Mia also shared a favorite memory from the holiday season, which a family shared with her:

“The boys opened their gifts tonight since we missed the party. Peter was ready to cry when they heard families gave them the gifts. Then Michael, tonight in bed, said, ‘Mom, I feel important for the very first time. I didn’t know I was important. I feel special.’ Yes, I was trying not to ugly cry for so many reasons! These gifts go beyond just the gift.”
– The Miller Family (names changed for privacy)


Get in Touch

To reach out to Olive Crest, you can email or call (360) 328-1650 and leave a message with their office. To reach The Coffee Oasis, stop by one of the cafes or call them at (360) 377-5560 or email