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New Agent Spotlight: Nicole Quinene

A veteran, longtime Kitsap local, and specialty contractor, Nicole Quinene possesses the skills and knowledge to empower homebuyers and sellers. She recently joined Windermere Silverdale, and we’re so happy to have her. Learn about her background, interests, and more in our Q&A.

What drew you to real estate?

My interest in real estate is multi-layered, encompassing both a goal of learning about property management and my genuine desire to educate individuals on the power of real estate investment. My journey began with a focus on property management. However, I felt it was crucial to explore real estate sales to find out if my true passion lay in home sales and education, before fully committing to property management. The more time I spend in the world of real estate, the more I realize my passion is to educate homebuyers and help them unlock the full potential of property ownership. That emerged as the primary focus of my interests. Additionally, my fascination and background with homes in need of remodeling have sparked an interest in the potential investment opportunities they offer.

My motivation as a broker is driven by a profound desire to empower individuals to invest in their future through real estate. I am motivated by a strong sense of purpose to support individuals who may not have had adequate access to information about property ownership and investment. Additionally, I fully recognize the potential investment opportunities presented by homes in need of remodeling, seeing them as not only a chance to revitalize properties but also to unlock their full financial potential for buyers.

My aspiration is to be an advocate for education, to share invaluable insights, and to shape perceptions surrounding home ownership and its profound impact on individuals’ futures.

What unique professional experiences enhance your abilities as a Realtor?

As someone new to the real estate industry, my background as a specialty contractor equips me with a unique set of skills and insights that I believe will enhance my effectiveness as a realtor. This experience enables me to guide clients through properties, identifying potential opportunities for improvement along the way. Drawing from my problem-solving skills, honed through navigating unforeseen challenges at job sites, I am confident in my ability to address any issues that may arise during real estate transactions, finding creative solutions to ensure a positive outcome.

Furthermore, my experience in customer service, cultivated through direct interactions with clients, allows me to build strong relationships and communicate effectively. I believe these skills will contribute significantly to my ability to provide exceptional service throughout the home buying or selling process.

Overall, I am optimistic that my background as a specialty contractor will enrich my abilities as a realtor, offering valuable skills, knowledge, and perspectives that will contribute to my success in the industry.

What personality traits do you think are important in this profession?

As a new real estate agent, I believe certain personality traits are crucial for my success in this profession. Firstly, emotional awareness and understanding are vital. Being empathetic and attentive to clients’ emotions helps build trust and address their needs effectively. Effective problem-solving skills are also key, enabling me to navigate challenges and find creative solutions to meet clients’ goals. Additionally, resilience is essential for overcoming setbacks and maintaining a positive attitude in the face of rejection and adversity. Adaptability is another critical trait I believe to be important, allowing me to adjust to new situations and remain flexible in a constantly changing environment. I believe as a real estate agent having perseverance is fundamental in having determination in pursuing goals, even in the face of challenges. Lastly, my curiosity drives continuous learning and growth, motivating me to seek out new experiences and expand my knowledge.

Which areas do you serve, and what do you love about the area?

I primarily serve Kitsap County, focusing specifically on the communities of Bremerton, Silverdale, and Port Orchard, which offer immense potential for investment. These areas boast a dynamic mix of urban amenities and scenic landscapes, with the natural beauty of Puget Sound alongside easy access to the vibrant city life of Seattle, and close proximity to Pierce County.

Kitsap County provides a diverse range of housing options, catering to various preferences and lifestyles, appealing to both homebuyers and investors. In particular, Bremerton, Silverdale, and Port Orchard are prime locations with ample opportunities for development and remodeling projects, offering exceptional investment potential.

How long have you lived here and what brought you here?

In 2000, my family moved from Guam to Bremerton when I was starting high school because of my father’s job transfer. I spent several years away from Washington while serving in the Air Force as a medical technician, and I returned to Washington because much of my immediate family still resided here.

How are you involved in the community?

My husband and I own a small business that primarily services the Kitsap County area. Additionally, I find fulfillment in giving back through volunteer work at our church, where I dedicate my time to caring for children in the nursery and toddler classroom. I recently enrolled with my oldest daughter in a Chamorro cultural dance class located in Tacoma, which offered a wonderful opportunity to immerse ourselves in our heritage and connect with others in the community.

What made you decide to work with Windermere?

When considering which real estate agency to align myself with, my decision to work with Windermere was clear from the start. Despite not having personal experience with Windermere, I was aware of its highly professional reputation. It was important to me to align myself with a company that has a strong presence and established roots within the community. Windermere’s longstanding reputation and commitment to excellence made it the obvious choice for me. I wanted to immerse myself in an environment where I could learn from experienced professionals and contribute to a brokerage that is truly part of the community it serves.


If you’re interested in learning more about Nicole Quinene, you can check out her website, which contains local resources and helpful real estate tips. You can also follow her on Facebook or connect with her on Instagram.

Welcome to the Windermere family, Nicole!